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I Love Presents

  • Part 1: Dec 4, 2010
  • Shepherds and Wisemen
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  • Part 2: Dec 11, 2010
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
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Pastor Kochenower

One of the cruelest expectations parents have for their children is expecting them to go to sleep on Christmas Eve knowing that the next morning there are going to be all these presents under the tree to open up. I had a method, still do, of shaking, weighing and listening to the present in my hands and try and guess what it is.

As I have gotten older, I now think of how the other person is going to react to the present. And now I can't wait for them to open it and I will sometimes give it to them early because I am so excited to give it to them.

I have to believe this is how Jesus feels toward us. He has all these presents for us and He can't wait to see our faces when we get them.

God has so many gifts for us and in these sermons we will look at the greatest gift ever given.